Our Darkest Day…

There is not much to say really.

Victoria is in the middle of a fire disaster – the worst we have ever seen.

To talk about knitting or stitching, or whinge about train travel seems so trite when so many people have lost their lives or at very best, all their worldly possessions. Whole townships were razed to the ground in what has been described as a firestorm like no other.

Saturday was the hottest day ever recorded in Victoria – 46.3 degrees Celsius (115.34 F) in the city, with temperatures reaching 48 degrees Celsius (118.4F) in out lying suburbs.  .

Speaking to my partner Saturday evening, I said I felt guilty going to bed when right at that point in time there were so many people who no longer had a bed to go to. I likened it to September 11 when we sat up all night watching news reports and were just flabbergasted by the situation, sitting there speechless, unable to comment.  I was much the same over the weekend.  I didn’t want to go to bed, but the news reports continue to reduce me to tears. 

108 people are confirmed dead, many others are still missing and fears held for their safety.     I urge everyone to donate either  to the Red Cross or at their local National Australia Bank, or give donations of clothes, blankets, whatever you can to the local Salvation Army.


Other useful links

Bushfire Hotline – 1800 240 667
Victorian Bushfire Fund – 1800 811 700
Condolence Book – Share your sorrow over the tragedy
Urgent threats – latest information
Transport updates from VicRoads and V/Line
Latest updates from the Country Fire Authority



Somebody took my mojo…and I want it back.

Today I am just going to bite the bullet and stitch…something…anything…I am not sure what.

I’ve not stitched in weeks and I”m really starting to beat myself up about it – why is that?  Stitching is an activity I do to relax, to feel creative, to enjoy, so why then would I be so hard on myself for not stitching?  Perhaps it is caused by the copious amounts of  languishig half-finished (or less) projects, or the mountainous piles of stash idly stuffed into drawers and cupboards?

I don’t know why, but today I am going to try and jump the monumental hurdle that is stagnation.  Perhaps a little freebie, something I can start and finish today.

On a webby-research note….here is a sensational site contining all the historic needlework resources one may ever need.  Everything is covered from the 10th Century, and all corners of the globe…I spent many hours reading and oogling the stitching beauty contined therein.

Library Addition

I was in the neighbourhood of a LNS today so I popped in to see what could possibly tempt me.  This particular shop has a lovely selection of books and I picked up this one – I Miel Sfilati – My Drawn Thread Works by Antonietta Monzo Menossi.  Absolutely stunning!!!  Worth every penny 🙂  Beautiful diagrams, in both Italian and a very ‘cute’ English translation which is perfectly helpful but a little bit ‘literal’ in places 🙂



There is a companion book to this one….I think it needs to be together with its mate 🙂


My book is here.

Once again, this is a beautiful publication – well worth the cost ($95) –  I am so glad I bought it.  For lovers of samplers, this is a fantastic reference.  Big clear pictures and wonderful narrative on the composition and construction of the samplers.  Very differnt to the Ackworth book, in that the text focusses on the sampler and not the stitcher.

I wont post piccies because the ones on the needleprint website are far better than any I can take!

You may not see me for a while….I’m off to devour it.


Happy New Year!

I am so excited…I just heard that my Goodhart Samplers book is on it’s way!!!  I should have it in my hot little  hands on Tuesday!  At $95 plus $10.90  I hope it’s all I expect it to be, although so far, I am yet to be disappointed by anything that has been published by Needleprint.  They are such quality publications!  The Judith Hayle book is lovely – and the Ackworth Schoolgirl samplers is a book I pick up often and just look at the pictures and sigh.

Congrats to Jacqueline Holdsworth on another beautiful book!  One I am sure will be a wonderful addition to my library!

PS: If you go to the website linked to the book title, you can take a sneak preview….well worth it…but I take no responsibility for the state of your bank account afterwards 🙂

A Bit Late for Halloween!

Shhhh!  Don’t tell anyone, but I think MOTH’s Grandma’s chair  is haunted.

The kitties wont sit in it.  Not at all.  Even when I’ve put their favourite throw rug on it.  Sometimes they just sit and stare at it or they walk up to it and put their front paws on it, but don’t jump up!

*insert twilight zone music here*

A Stitcher’s Heritage

I had a wonderful addition to my living room yesterday.

MOTH’s parents had a chair and that they asked if we had room in our shed to store it.

The chair belonged to MOTH’s grandmother and it is the chair in which she used to sit stitching.  When I heard this I immediately said no – we didn’t have room in our shed, but that I would make room for it in the living room.

MOTH’s mum informed me that it wasn’t very pretty and had a bit of a split in the leather at the front and asked did I really want to put it in the house?

The split in the leather gives it character, and just knowing that it was used as a stitching chair (I’ve yet to see some of her handiwork) means a lot to me.  It’s a big comfortable chair and I’ve placed it in my stitching corner, and will use it as a stitching chair too!

Perhaps some of her mojo will rub off on me 🙂

Grandma's Chair

Grandma's Chair

 I love tradition and I love knowing that MOTH’s Grandma sat in this chair to create.  I’ll be sure to post pictures of her work when I finally see it!