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I’d like to create some of these art trading cards…click on the link for some information about them.

There’s an Aussie Yahoo Group especially for Aussie (and NZ) creators and I think it looks like fun….I’ve seen so many mentions of trading cards on websites I thought I might like to have a go too. 

EDIT:  Hmmm would probably be a good group if they’d let you join!!!  For some reason – not supplied – my request for membership has been denied…..!  Perhaps if anyone is reading this and belongs to this group, they might tell me why!

EDIT: (Again!) Wow that was quick – the lovely Ms Moderator is right on it!  Probably a Yahell glitch of some sort!  Thanks Michelle!

It would be a great way to try out some of my ideas – the ones I am too scared to commit to a larger piece yet.

Stay tuned….


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