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 This is the beginnings of the Candle Flame Shawl in 50% wool 37% mohair and some other stuff thrown in for good measure.  I am enjoying it – it’s quite a simple knit and the pattern is easy to remember 🙂

candle-flame-detail.jpgJust for good measure – here is a detail of the pattern for your viewing pleasure!



The Mead Scarf – same yarn as the shawl – different colour of course 🙂


 The Irish Hiking Scarf well over halfway 🙂


And just to prove that I do stitch still….if you look really closely you can see some progress on the last initial 🙂  I picked this up tonight as I’d like to finish something and this will probably stitch up in a few days 🙂

I got a parcel from Dragonflydreams today – it contained Victoria’s Quaker from AMAP (and the needlepoint silks to complete it), Faith, Hope, Love from The Workbasket and the latest issue of Sampler and Anqtique Needlework Quarterly, which I will save for my hospital trip on the 29th August (finally!)  I have decided to start both of these.  I have a lovely piece of R&R Reproductions in Apple Brown Bindy the perfect size for Victoria’s Quaker, and some Jobelan in Caramel for Faith Hope and Love.  I think I will just stitch this in plain black.


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I have been busy…even though not ‘much’ of my business has been stitching related.


Firstly, I have to say a huge thankyou to Mel for the lovely gift that arrived in my mailbox last week – it’s a gorgeous little biscornu and some lovely threads hand-dyed by Mel herself – I am so lucky!  Go on over to her blog for a great loaf of bread…no…really…it’s there and looking yummy!


Secondly, I mentioned that Liam has started his very first cross stitch and here is his progress so far. He’s doing a great job!  I’ll be sure to post when he’s done!

mums-birthday-necklace.jpg  silver-and-black-knitted-necklace.jpg

Also he’s some jewellery I made recently – the first is Mum’s brithday necklace.  These are some lovely Swarovski pearls with a few Swarovski rondelles in between and silver clasp (that was a brooch but I modified it to be the clasp).  The second is a knitted chain with some lovely big black resin beads and some Indian silver accent beads on it.  This one is for me!  It’s a little longer than I want so I am going to shorten it.

Next on to the knitting.

natural-throw-rug.jpg  red-throw-rug.jpg  wrap-spotlight-freebie.jpg  wrap-spotlight-freebie-detail.jpg

Picture number one is the finished natural throw and number two is the almost finished red throw – the colour in this picture is a little ‘red’ for my liking – its much more muted than this picture shows.  I just love this cabled and lace diamond pattern AND the throws are beautiful and warm.

Pictures 3 and four show the free wrap pattern (my new train knitting project), I also included a close up of the pattern.  It’s knitting up very fast and I love how it’s looking so far! 



And lastly I have a little bit of progress on Rosemarkie to show you.  Just a little….I’m still having trouble stitching – especially after medication….I hope that goes away soon!

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I know I promised you stitching piccies last week but I didn’t get around to it so I have a couple of VERY bad pictures today.  I’m not sure what is going on with my camera – but the piccies are not very clear – oh well…..better than no pictures at all….perhaps! 


Firstly though, I  MUST say a big thankyou to the very gorgeous Carol who sent me a lovely parcel in the mail most unexpectedly.  A beautiful stitching cherub fob and some lovely stork scissors together with a lovely card featuring a kitty who so reminds me of one of my fabourite kitties ever, Felix, who was with our family a few years ago!  Thank you Carol – you’re really very thoughtful and kind and the world can only be a better place with you in it!  I have a perfect pair of Dinky Dye scissors to go on the fob you stitched and currently I am stitching the perfect fob for the blue ones :).   The pictures on Carol’s blog are MUCH better – I am so sorry Carol – I didn’t really do the stitching justice did I?

party1.jpg  boys.jpg  home-disco.jpg

Secondly you may recall that it was recently LHM’s 11th birthday and he decided he wanted a disco party at home…..well here are a couple of photos of the evening.  One of the mothers told me that her little princess had been dolled up and ready since 3.00 pm!!!  How cute!  All the kids looked fantastic and they had a ball however I was surprised at how much they ate!

The ‘disco’ included lights, smoke machine, mirrorball (at my behest – can’t be a disco without one) and the associated glitter, black curtains, smoke tunnel and thumping music!  It was very successsful and all the kids had a great time. 


MOTH decided we needed a bouncer for this night and he certainly looked the part didn’t he? Please take note of the ‘bling’!

I’ve also done a bit of stashing but overall I’ve been pretty good.  From Dragonfly Dreams I got a stack of Blackbird Designs including the Loose Feathers 23 and 24, some Blackbird Designs freebies, and A-Z of Whitework (sensational book), and the Rebecca Blake Needleprint Sampler which is beautiful.  I also got a chart with some cute little houses and sayings on for gifts for family.

stash1.jpg    stash2.jpg

I was also very naughty and stashed up on some kitty related items from Colours Downunder, one from Isabelle Vaultier (Le Chat) together with Isabele’s Owl and JBW’s French Country Cat and French Country Love.

Now for progress.  Not a great deal to show, but a little nonetheless.


Firstly Rosemarkie (which is my travelling project) has suffered somewhat because I haven’t actually been to work that much in the past few weeks and the two hours or so per day on the train is perfect time to stitch on it (except when the train is packed to the hilt which is often!  This picture is REALLY awful and doesn’t show the colour well – you will need to look at previous ones if you want to see them better – sorry!


This is a picture especially for Bren…don’t feel bad Bren – I’ve not had much time for this one either lately although I hope to spend a little time on it tonight.  I must admit I am enjoying needlepoint for a change and I can’t wait until Dragonfly Dreams gets some new designs in…hint hint….

I’ve been reading all your blogs but not commenting much – sorry – but sitting at the pc is not the most comfortable place for me at the moment.

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An unusual Sunday…

Today, just because, I went to a dog show.  My good friend Marie-Luise and her DH were showing their two gorgeous puppies Gigi and Tibo Tibeaux (I hope I spelt that correctly Marie-Luise) at the Kennel Control Council premises which is about 5 minutes from my house.  And given that Marie-Luise lives so very far away from me now it was a perfect opportunity to catch up with her and finally meet Tibo and Gigi!

I also was a good friend and assisted M-L with some de-stashing and in the process attributed proportionately to my own enormous stash!  More about that later!

Back to the puppies.  I was in puppy heaven…M-L and a dozen other doggy-people are caretakers of a breed known as Dogues de Bordeaux (again I hope I spelt that correctly).  If I had to pick just one word to describe them it would be “huge” but if I had to I would also pick “adorable”!  (My third choice would most likely be “wet” ha ha ha!)  I forgot to ask how old Tibeaux and Gigi are but I think about 12 months or so – Marie-Luise will correct me I hope:)

This is Tibeaux (a gorgeous boy) on the left and Gigi (a much more feminine lady) on the right 🙂  Aren’t they just adorable?

tibo.jpg     gigi2.jpg

I must admit I am a big dog lover that’s not a big, dog-lover, but a “big dog” lover….I love big dogs!  The bigger the better.  My malamute Puku is about 48 kilos but full of fluff and Gigi weighs about the same as Puku, Tibeaux is a bit larger because he’s a brute of a boy.  Funny thing, Gigi is going through a phantom pregnancy and Tibo is very protective of her and got very jealous when other dogs came near her or Marie-Luise or her hubby.  Lovely protective boy with a VERY big bark much worse than he looks!

These puppies were about 10 or 11 weeks old and fast asleep in their portacot!  Very cute – They really don’t look like they will grow as big as their mums and dads at this age – very, very cute and playful like all puppies though – these ones were plum tuckered out.


It was an All Mastiff Breeds Dog Show and there were some really beautiful dogs there – I just thought they were all lovely and as my Puku is shedding at the moment – the positives of owning a smooth-haired dog were becoming very evident!   Although I am not sure which is worse, hair all over you or drool 🙂

Now as for stash.  Marie-Luise was tidying up, so being the good friend that I am, I offered to help her with re-homing a few homeless things…I can always be counted upon to adopt poor homeless charts and books (also animals, children, etc), so added to my bookshelf today are:

  • Jan Houtman’s Red Madonna Sampler

  • Jan Houtman’s Tree of Life Sampler

  • Alle Mein Blumen – Rosina Helena Furst

  • Handwerkalbum – Nelly can Maarseveen

  • Repertoire Des Motifs – Valerie LejeuneStickmustertucher – Ursula Joka-Deublius

  • SANQ No 18 (building up my back issues!)

I’m so lucky when my friends are spring (or in this case Autumn) cleaning 🙂  I love to help out.

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Yesterday may have been Friday the 13th but it certainly wasn’t unlucky for me!

I got TWO lovely parcels in the mail.

The first from Jean in Singapore (wow that got here so quickly Jean) a trade…contained these fabulous goodies!


Dutch Beauty by Permin (an awesome sampler), Sarabande by Long Dog (I’d not seen this one in person), a gorgeous piece of R&R reproductions 32 count linen in Apple Brown (I know EXACTLY what I am going to use this for Jean – thank you), some Carries Threads in Mandarin and Whine, and everybody’s staples black and white DMC (can never have enough).  Thanks so much Jean – soooo generous 🙂

My second parcel was from everyone’s favourite needlework store Dragonflydreams.  Now we all know that I was fortunate enough to actually visit Karen a few weeks ago – but it wasn’t enough – I had to have more.

The first item was a book called “18th Century Embroidery Techniques” by Gail Marsh.  A fabulous book about some of the long forgotten techniques used by embroiderers in the 1700s.  This is what will be my weekend reading (will need to be careful not to drool over the lovely pictures).

18th-century-embroidery-technicques.jpg         18th-century-embroidery-technicques-detail.jpg

The second part of the parcel contained a heap of Madeira silks for my Permin 1663 sampler (I just LOVE those), threads for a needlepoint project I might start this weekend…Caron Watercolours in Bark, Gingersnap and Mahogany, some DMC perle 5, and Kresta D’oro in a Charcoal colour.  I also got a “Best Laying Tool” by Shae Pendray which I am sure will be useful with the needlepoint as well 🙂  I’ve not used one before so it will be a learning experience for me.  Any tips on using it will be greatly appreciated.


I also received the new Needleprint chart – Rebecca Jeffcoat’s Sampler which also includes some lovely perforated paper bookmark ideas. and Carriage House Samplings’ Quaker Study.

And you may notice that the much-desired “W” by M Designs is also in there so my lovely red project can at last be completed!

So you see it was a wonderful stashy day for me 🙂  I am in heaven!

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Tales of my weekend….1

I had a fabulous weekend. 

On Saturday I joined a big bunch of stitchers in Sydney for their “once every two years or so” get together!  I left home about 4.30 am and got the first flight to Sydney, meeting the ladies at 8 a.m. for a bus ride up the mountain to Dragonflydreams for a shop fest!

So on to some pictures of my stash haul (well almost all of it – some is to come :))



Threads – Caron Watercolours, Waterlillies and Wildflowers, Dinky Dyes Silks, Needlepoint Inc Silks and Madeira silks ( I love these – very good value and beautiful to stitch with!)

Fabrics – 2 pieces of Silkweavers ‘Days Gone By’, and various pieces of jobelan in bone and caramel  and a large piece of jobelan in chestnut which is a lovely coulour indeed!  I also got linen in mocha, summer khaki  and cobblestone. 

Charts – Blessed be Thine – Blackbird Designs, Beloved – Stitchers hands (I’d not seen this before), The Oak Tree Sampler – Needle’s Prayse, Quaker Cat adn Mouse – The Workbasket, The Tie That Binds – La D Da.

I also spent some lovely, lovely time with Karen and Bren from Dragonflydreams on Saturday night and Sunday and after we all visited a local school fete, ate fairy floss and viewed a local quilt exhibition, I managed to stick my nose in one of the local secondhand bookshops and discover a couple of treasures! 

The first is a limited edition (this one is 97/1000) book titled “A Lifetime of Embroidery” by Roma Field and published by the St Ives chapter of the NSW Embroidery Guild in 1980 – it’s a beautiful book which chronicles  the work of Roma Field (b. 1890).  The photographs are exquisite and clear and it’s astounding to see the depth and breadth of what this woman achieved in a lifetime of tiny stitches.  I can only hope that one day people will look back at my stitching and enjoy it as much.  Some of the items pictured in the book are now held in the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.  You can search for items there – some incredible examples of all kinds of craft work.

The other book “Colonial Crafts” also details a lot of items , including furniture, tools, etc made by colonial Australians and also includes a chapter on needlework/sewing.  The inventiveness of those first English inhabitants of Australia was amazing!

On Satuday night though after a VERY big day – it was all I could do to keep my eyes open while talking to Karen and I had to excuse myself at 9 pm to go to bed!  Sleeping in the mountains is fabulous, it was cool, quiet and I must have been snoring as soon as my head hit the pillow!  Thank goodness the guest room is miles away from anything else in the house 🙂 

Karen and Bren thank you so much for looking after me so fabulously 🙂  I love you both!

I  am so fortunate to finally meet in the flesh, people I have “known” for what seems like eons!  It’s a weird feeling when you meet someone who you genuinely call a ‘friend’ but you’re not really certain if that lady over there is the one that you’ve seen in countless photographs….she looks younger, older, blonder, whatever.  Strange.  My photos unfortunately showcase my terrible photography skills so you will have to wait until I pinch someone else’s pictures 🙂

The group came from Queensland, Perth, Sydney and Melbourne and the outer Sydney regions and it was a really fun day! 

I believe someone was keeping a tally of the week’s spending and I believe there was a prize for the highest and lowest totals!  I am very pleased to announce that the highest wasn’t me, but neither was I the lowest and I was only there for one day!  Although I am sure if I had been there for the entire week, I may well have been in contention!

As for stitching, I stitched another biscornu – finally finished the top section on the train down from the mountains and will finish it tomorrow!

I do have a new project in mind though, so stay tuned for that.

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I was just visiting my all time favourite ONS Dragonflydreams  when I stumbled across this lovely design called The Quaker Cat and Mouse – by the Workbasket!  Isn’t it just goregous!  I will definitely be picking it up next week when I visit DragonflyDreams 🙂  Actually I am slowly making up a list of stash to pick up when I visit Karen next week.  It’s been a while since I have been there and I have been trying to be good – I’ve not really bought anything other than beads and my magazine subscription in 2006 so I figure I can lash out a bit next week!

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