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I had a lovely visit with Marg (who still doesn’t have a blog)  and Barb yesterday, nice bit of lunch, some drooling over stitching and lovely conversation!  There just aren’t two nicer people in the whole world! I’m so glad they visited.

All three of us have fallen in love with this little fella from The Workbasket!

I started him yesterday, Cobblestone 28 count jobelan ( I think as I bought this piece of fabric some years ago and there is no colour on the pack) and Kaalund natural silk that I picked up in an odds and ends basket one day and was wondering what I’d do with it.

 I think he looks a little like Hedwig 🙂 although I am making a great assumption that ‘he’ is actually a ‘he’.

The Workbasket - QUaker Owl on 28cnt Cobblestone Jobelan - Kaalund natural silk.

The Workbasket - QUaker Owl on 28cnt Cobblestone Jobelan - Kaalund natural silk.

I think Barb was ‘scrounging for fabric” last night so she could start him too!

I’ve stumbled a bit with my stitching lately – just haven’t had the inclination but I was really enjoying this project last night – so much so I am going to go sit with him for abit longer today;)


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I did manage to finish Victoria’s Quaker in January – the 31st to be exact 🙂

Terrible photo but I will take another when she is framed 😉


A Mon Amie Pierre – Victoria’s Quaker
Stitched on Brown Apple Bint 32 Count linen in Needlepoint Inc Silk conversion

Started on 22 August 07 – Finished 31 January 08

And my progress on A Quaker Study:


Thanks you so much to everyone for your messages after the passing our gorgeous Puku – the family really appreciates it.  I am so very sad.  We are going to plant a red rose in her honour by our front door.

But to bring a smile – here is Banjo relaxing in my hammock today 🙂


He laid there in my hammock in the sun for hours today – we had to put sunscreen on his ears 🙂

For February’s finish I hope it will be the needlepoint piece I started oh so long ago 🙂

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So close….


 I am so close to finishing Victoria’s Quaker now that I think I will make the best use of my three day weekend and work on it all day tomorrow with a chance of a happy dance…I hope Carol and Kaz don’t mind that it’s not Tuesday tomorrow (Carol is done, Kaz is very close too!)  I am enjoying this project so much – it has been a really relaxing stitch.


This is Carriage House Samplings – A Quaker Study, my ‘train’ piece which is also a very relaxing stitch.  I tend to agree with Carol – there is just something about the Quaker pieces which is rhythmic and soothing.  I am enjoying this one also.  I am also very happy with my fabric and thread choices on this one.


I’ve not stitched much on Paradigm Lost this week – only a very short session, but perhaps tomorrow night I will stitch a little.  Not much progress to show after last week – but there was a bit of frogging!

Thanks everyone so much for your comments on my ‘bad feeling’.  I rang the framer again on Friday morning and he didn’t respond to me until late Friday afternoon – it wasn’t completed yet and he promises me Tuesday.  He thanked me for the extra time.  I”m still feeling very uneasy.  I have 6 other pieces to frame and I think I will just try and work in a long round trip to my former framer (that sounds funny doesn’t it) with whom I feel VERY comfortable.  She understands me and the feelings of attachment I get to my pieces.

As for the stash diet, everyone who knows me is certain that I wont be able to do it – but I am a determined little git and I have wanted new sofas for a year now and we’ve been looking and found them – I don’t want them to get away 🙂  As I’ve mentioned I will be listing a heap of stuff for sale soon and perhaps we can work something out to make sure I don’t run out of stash….again anyone who knows me understands that the likelihood of me running out of stash is about the same as me winning a Grammy – NOT LIKELY!!!

Oh and did I mention I just ordered a new car also 🙂  A brand new Ford Territory!

And exciting Australian Open Tennis…the Frenchman (Tsonga) is doing really well….I am barracking loudly for him 🙂

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aqs-10-jan-2008.jpg pl-10-jan-08.jpg vq-10-jan-2008.jpg

Sorry for the lack of updates last week – I was stitching though and I am making great progress on “A Quaker Study”.  This is my train project and it’s  benefiting from long and arduous train journeys (they’re not really that bad but definitely made much better by being able to stitch!)

I am hoping for a January finish for Victoria’s Quaker.  There are three more Tuesdays left (the last one is the 29th) and if it looks like it’s close, I will keep going so I can finish in January.

Paradigm Lost is coming along nicely – I would have hoped to be able to say I’ve finished page 1 –  but as you read earlier the frog visited me and I had to restitch quite a large chunk.  Hopefully after tonight’s stitching effort I can put page 1 to bed.  The motifs on this design are lovely – quite different to others I’ve seen – I am really enjoying it.

Once VQ is done, I am going to replace her on Tuesdays with An Open Heart which has been languishing.  I want to be able to finish that During February so will give her a lot of attention during that month.  I hope to finish one UFO each month or two during 2008.

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Here is my latest snapshot of my progress on Victoria’s Quaker by A Mon Amie Pierre.  Sorry the photo is a bit dark – but it’s way too hot to go outside or search out some natural light 🙂

Next is my one day’s worth of stitching progress on A Quaker Study by Carriage House Samplings.  I am using a gorgeous piece of Vintage look Cashel (I’m not sure of the provider as the shop had prepackaged it) and I am using Gloriana silk in Rosewood, Needlepoint Inc silk in Crimson Tide and Bordeaux as both of these colours feature in the Rosewood and I only had two skeins of the Gloriana!  I will try and get a better picture of the thread colours next time – but this photo shows the colour of the fabric quite well.


I must admit I like the feel of  these silks much more.

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Today is another scorcher, but the cooling is on, the cool change is on the way (it may drop to the high twenties later in the day) and it’s TUESDAY – Victoria’s Quaker day – so I am off to put some time in on that piece!

I’ve also been thinking about a ‘smallish’ piece to take on the train with me to start tomorrow. I am toying with Carriage House’s A Quaker Study which I will do using a NN variegated thread I suspect rather than two separate colours or perhaps a variegated and a plain colour to compliment.

I also have two of the Inigo Rose “aunts” which I just love but I think they may be a little tricky for train stitching (lots of specialty stitches); some blackwork designs, or even some hardanger.

Decisions, decisions.

VQ progress picture later today.

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Even though I haven’t been posting – I HAVE been stitching.

I concentrated a little bit on Lettres a mon Chat (see earlier post) before Christmas so I could get it done as a gift – but I also made some progress on Victoria’s Quaker.   This picture shows the colour of the fabric quite well.  I am using Needlepoint Inc Silks and I really enjoy stitching with them.


I also started Paradigm Lost (Long Dog) as part of the Snowbirds SAL.  Funny thing is I’m not really a snowbird as it’s summer here in Aus – but I can dream.  I’ve never actually seen snow.  I’m using Cafe Au Lait 34 count Heritage Linen and Vicki Claytons’ OMG Red 1153 premium silk which was a lovely gift from my good friend Marg (who STILL doesn’t have a blog).  This is a wonderful design to stitch and VERY hard to put down when you start!  The linen is gorgeous in the hand too.  I’m not really sure about the VC silk though – I am finding it’s fluffing, knotting and tangling quite easily.  I am going to try slightly shorter lengths and see if that helps.


On the down side, I have to do quite a bit of frogging on The Workbasket’s Faith, Hope, Love.  I have to frog all the progress i had made on the “Love” section as I missed out an entire column!    Not to worry – I will get that done today and I hope to make this one my last finish for 2007. 


I am hoping that VQ follows in January!

I am really pleased with what I have accomplished this year craft wise.  I’ve made a lot of jewelry and other things for gifts and they’ve all been well received. 

It’s been a good stitching year!

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