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I did manage to finish Victoria’s Quaker in January – the 31st to be exact 🙂

Terrible photo but I will take another when she is framed 😉


A Mon Amie Pierre – Victoria’s Quaker
Stitched on Brown Apple Bint 32 Count linen in Needlepoint Inc Silk conversion

Started on 22 August 07 – Finished 31 January 08

And my progress on A Quaker Study:


Thanks you so much to everyone for your messages after the passing our gorgeous Puku – the family really appreciates it.  I am so very sad.  We are going to plant a red rose in her honour by our front door.

But to bring a smile – here is Banjo relaxing in my hammock today 🙂


He laid there in my hammock in the sun for hours today – we had to put sunscreen on his ears 🙂

For February’s finish I hope it will be the needlepoint piece I started oh so long ago 🙂


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It’s done :)


Just in time for the last of the year, Faith , Hope and Love is done.  This is a design by The Workbasket, stitchedon Bay Rum 32 Count evenweave (not sure which) with plain black DMC.  I really love this one and it was a great train project to stitch!  I started it on the 19th August 2007.

I will take a better picture tomorrow- but I wanted to prove that it actually WAS complete today 🙂

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Last time I looked it was November.

Now I wake up and my birthday and Christmas have passed and we are heading fast into a new year!

Good news – I got a great new job and I start 2nd January.  It’s still in the city though so the train trips are not finished for the time being.  It’s a much better job, more responsibility, more opportunity for growth and just a better atmosphere.  I will miss some of the people at my old job – that is always the way, but I am sure I will settle quickly into my new role.

I am managing to stitch quite a bit on the train so that is a bonus.  I managed to complete Lettres a mon Chat in time for it to be a Christmas gift.  I really enjoyed stitching this and I will stitch it again for myself.  I used 32 count Bay Rum evenweave (Silkweaver I think), NN 153 Razzle Dazzle Red and Black DMC.


In other stitchy news, I started Paradigm Lost.  I am using VC premium Silk in OMG Red on 34 count  Heritage Linen in Cafe au Lait – I am happy with this choice.  I did make a bit of a boo boo though – I started the stitching in the top left corner, but I had my fabric around the wrong way – I counted and measured and re-counted and re-measured though and I will have enough fabric this way around too!  Phew!

Victoria’s Quaker got a little stitching on Christmas Night (it was after all Tuesday)  I was hoping to get this finished this year but now I am pushing for a January 2008 completion – my first perhaps!

I also made a heap of jewelry for Christmas gifts but forgot photos – I will have to get some and post at a later date 🙂

cara-dec-25-07.jpg   cara-dec-25-07-2.jpg

The Kitties had a great Christmas too!

Cara fell in love with the tyres on the Little Princesses’ new bike! She rubbed herself against the rubber for a good half an hour I think.  I think she just liked the roughness of it!  Was very funny to watch here – she was enraptured with it!

Banjo (remember he is a teenage boy!) decided it was fun to try and unwrap what took me hours to wrap and also thought that the glass of milk left for Santa was just too much temptation!

 banjo-dec-25-07.jpg  banjo-dec-25-07-2.jpg

Both kitties were very well behaved around the tree and mostly spent a lot of time napping underneath it.  We didnt’ lose any ornaments at all. 

Puku also had a great Christmas and here is a pic of her enjoying one of her gifts 🙂   You can see that as it gets warmer down-under, she loses great chunks of the last of her winter fur.  We’re getting a large bag full of hair from her every couple of days when we brush her!  She doesn’t like it much!


Too everyone in blogland, I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas day filled with love and laughter.  I also wish for everyone a tremendous 2008 that is filled with every joy you desire.

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Biscornu Exchange

biscornu-exchange-1.jpg   biscornu-exchange-2.jpg

Here is the biscornu exchange I did for Heather S in Qld 🙂

It’s in Anchor variegated (the tag came off so I can’t say which variegated it is).  The top is in a piece of leftover hand-dyed evenweave and the reverse side is a burgundy evenweave!  The chart is from My Aunt’s Attic.

Please excuse my fantabulous photography…oh well we can’t ALL have studio-like shots on our blogs 🙂  *chuckle*  That’s not a dig of course – I LOVE how some of you display your work – photography though is just soooo not my forte 🙂

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Yesterday, with a little help and support from my good friend Marg (who doesn’t have a blog…yet), I WASHED THE M DESIGNS PIECE!!!!

I didn’t want to.  There was a major amount of terror in my heart (especially after the week I’ve had), but it took me so long to finish and it IS on antique white linen, it really needed a bath.  In my experience, Needle Necessities Razzle Dazzle Red really doesn’t respond well to being bathed…that tremor you felt in the suburbs of Melbourne yesterday was probably me shaking with fear!

Under the wise supervision of my friend Marg (who doesn’t have a blog…yet) I filled up my kitchen sink with nice lukewarm water, threw in some detergent  and a “colour catcher” sheet, gave it a swish around and laid it on a nice white towel. 

So far so good.  I sat down and enjoyed a cup of coffee with my friend Marg (who doesn’t have a blog…yet), rummaged through a huge pile of sampler charts (as you do) while we waited….and checked…and waited…and checked.

Sure enough, it bled.  All the way around the edges, but not too badly.  So, back into the sink it went with some Dylon Colour Run Remover.  Can every one say “Hallelujah”!!! What an absolute godsend this product is.  Colour run duly removed, M Designs piece all beautifully clean with no runs whatsoever.  This week – it’s off to the framer!

Did I happen to mention that my friend Marg doesn’t have a blog…yet?

I am trying to tempt her into blogland – Marg does the most amazing work and is a sampler lover like myself!  Marg recently finished the French Alphabet Sampler which is just stunning, and is currently stitching Moulin Rouge in black (fondly referred to as Moulin Noire) and this too will be gorgeous when done.  Marg makes fabulous cushions and also has a sampler wall which is coming along very nicely – although it may have to be relocated if she is to fit any more 🙂


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Finally my M Designs piece is finished.  It’s two letters (T and W) and two hearts in Needle Necessities Razzle Dazzle Red (my favourite – boo hoo) on antique white cashel linen.

Today I had a very restful day and spent it stitching in between loads of laundry!  I am working on a couple of gifts too at the moment so nothing further to share 😉

Now what to replace it with 🙂  So much stitching – so little time.

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I ordered a book from Amazon.com (as you do) and just to make the delivery worthwhile I picked up a couple of needlework books also.  I bought the Monstrous Memoirs of a Mighty McFearless for the LHM and the Little Princess (Marita – it’s a bit old for a three or four year old, but perfect for my 8 and 11!)

I picked up two Victorian needlework books and the Needlework of Mary Queen of Scots (in softcover).


As mentioned yesterday – Junette commented she liked the green yarn and the feather and fan…so here it is a green, feather and fan scarf!!  It does look lovely!  The pattern is from WendyKnits.


And here is my latest start.  It is the Mead Scarf by Elizabeth Morrison, a freebie which can be found here.   Of course I am using the wrong yarn, the wrong needles, but I think it looks nice anyhow.  I am using a mohair blend in a deep pink colour.  This is for another good pal Melza!

I am also going to start something that is NOT a scarf or wrap – it’s a freebie pattern also.  I can’t post a link or a pic because I think the eventual recipient may visit here sometimes 🙂

I also got a great package in the mail from DragonflyDreams yesterday a heap of charts by The Workbasket (a new favourite!)  I received Quaker Odds AND Evens, Humble Home, Woodlands, Old McMary’s and Village!  Those of you participating in Neighbourhood RRs should probably take a look at these – lots of lovely ideas 🙂

Sorry no kitty pictures today…perhaps tomorrow.

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