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Ho hum….

Haven’t felt much like stitching this week, so I picked up my knitting instead.  It’s the candle flame pattern shawl I started back in August.  I’ve got ten balls of this yarn (a mohair blend) and I just started ball number 5.  No picture because it really doesn’t look any different than the last picture, just wider (300+ stitches) and longer 😉

I think I will put a beaded fringe on it when it’s done.  I want to get it finished before footy season starts and I need something to keep me warm on those frosty footy mornings


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More free knitting goodies…

You can go here for some more free knitting patterns – afghans and throw rugs, clothing, accessories, home items.

I’ve found a few things to add to my ‘to do’ pile!

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I want to knit …

This.  I am seriously overwhelmed. 


Now to search for the magazine!

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 This is the beginnings of the Candle Flame Shawl in 50% wool 37% mohair and some other stuff thrown in for good measure.  I am enjoying it – it’s quite a simple knit and the pattern is easy to remember 🙂

candle-flame-detail.jpgJust for good measure – here is a detail of the pattern for your viewing pleasure!



The Mead Scarf – same yarn as the shawl – different colour of course 🙂


 The Irish Hiking Scarf well over halfway 🙂


And just to prove that I do stitch still….if you look really closely you can see some progress on the last initial 🙂  I picked this up tonight as I’d like to finish something and this will probably stitch up in a few days 🙂

I got a parcel from Dragonflydreams today – it contained Victoria’s Quaker from AMAP (and the needlepoint silks to complete it), Faith, Hope, Love from The Workbasket and the latest issue of Sampler and Anqtique Needlework Quarterly, which I will save for my hospital trip on the 29th August (finally!)  I have decided to start both of these.  I have a lovely piece of R&R Reproductions in Apple Brown Bindy the perfect size for Victoria’s Quaker, and some Jobelan in Caramel for Faith Hope and Love.  I think I will just stitch this in plain black.

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Now Reversible!

Navigate Silver has created a Reversible Irish Hiking Scarf – my next one will be like this!

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Knitting A Shawl

The Irish Hiking Scarf is almost done and last night I started a mohair shawl.  It’s the Candle Flame Pattern designed by Dean Crane and notated by Linda Clark (whatever that means).

There is an error in one of the rows in the pattern and I will note it and post it here when I get around to it 🙂  It’s pretty obvious but I will mark it just in case!  If you decide you want to start this shawl – email me at GMAIL (Ausxser) and I will be happy to pass on the change 😉

This is a really chunky pattern, but I’ve softened it a bit with a larger size needles, and I have already decided on a beaded fringe for it !

I’d really like someone to point me in the direction of a sock knitting pattern for sock knitting numpties.  I need a pattern that REALLY spells out what you have to do step by step – I am happy for it not to be a plain sock pattern, but it does need to be very clear as far as instructions go – I can knit but I’ve not done much in the way of shaping other than jumpers etc.  So if you know a good  one….I’d love to hear from you!

I know, I know I owe some pictures, but I’ve just been too weary to do them and when I do feel like it, it’s too dark, etc.  Soon, I promise 🙂

Oh and I stitched today.

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Cute knitted toys

If you are of the kind who loves to knit toys…..go here!  There are also some lovely little quick freebies to whip up as gifts too!  Mochimochiland……you can even knit GRASS 🙂

Bittersweet also has some cute freebies for both crochet and knitting – including cute peas in a pod which would be a great baby shower gift for an expecting mum perhaps!!  If you’re not knitty-or crochet-y then perhaps some of her recipes might take your fancy – Hannah notes that everything she cooks is 100% vegan and there are a couple of diabetic suitable and gluten free recipes in there as well 🙂  I guess it goes without saying that the knitted hot dogs are 100% calorie free too!

And while we are on the subject of free – Knitting Pattern Central seems to be the site every knitter links to – although at this particular point in time I still only consider myself a “sometimes knitter”, because if I could – I’d actually rather be stitching!

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