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Today, I learned that my biological father passed away suddenly at the age of 67 years.

I’d only met him a few times, but I was aware that I had half sisters and brothers somewhere.

I didn’t expect to feel so devastated.

I didn’t expect to learn of his passing from my mother who had read the death notices in the paper today.  I’d hoped that someone would try and find me.

On Friday I will attend his funeral in Hobart and there I will at least see 7 new family members – brothers and sisters – who knows how it will go?

I’d spoken about trying to get in contact many times over the past few months, that option no longer exists.

It really does hurt more than I thought it would.

He was my father after all.


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A Stitcher’s Heritage

I had a wonderful addition to my living room yesterday.

MOTH’s parents had a chair and that they asked if we had room in our shed to store it.

The chair belonged to MOTH’s grandmother and it is the chair in which she used to sit stitching.  When I heard this I immediately said no – we didn’t have room in our shed, but that I would make room for it in the living room.

MOTH’s mum informed me that it wasn’t very pretty and had a bit of a split in the leather at the front and asked did I really want to put it in the house?

The split in the leather gives it character, and just knowing that it was used as a stitching chair (I’ve yet to see some of her handiwork) means a lot to me.  It’s a big comfortable chair and I’ve placed it in my stitching corner, and will use it as a stitching chair too!

Perhaps some of her mojo will rub off on me 🙂

Grandma's Chair

Grandma's Chair

 I love tradition and I love knowing that MOTH’s Grandma sat in this chair to create.  I’ll be sure to post pictures of her work when I finally see it!

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I did manage to finish Victoria’s Quaker in January – the 31st to be exact 🙂

Terrible photo but I will take another when she is framed 😉


A Mon Amie Pierre – Victoria’s Quaker
Stitched on Brown Apple Bint 32 Count linen in Needlepoint Inc Silk conversion

Started on 22 August 07 – Finished 31 January 08

And my progress on A Quaker Study:


Thanks you so much to everyone for your messages after the passing our gorgeous Puku – the family really appreciates it.  I am so very sad.  We are going to plant a red rose in her honour by our front door.

But to bring a smile – here is Banjo relaxing in my hammock today 🙂


He laid there in my hammock in the sun for hours today – we had to put sunscreen on his ears 🙂

For February’s finish I hope it will be the needlepoint piece I started oh so long ago 🙂

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R.I.P Puku


 With us April 2004 – February 2008
We will miss you.

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Painting and Decorating

I never knew I could hurt this much….

This past weekend, MOTH and I started painting the living room/music room and the master bedroom as we have ordered new carpet and we came to the conclusion that we better paint BEFORE the new floor covering arrives… (After a minor spill of white gloss on the existing carpet – I now KNOW this was a good idea!)

We achieved a lot over the weekend.  MOTH painted all the ceilings on Thursday while I was at work and on Friday he took a break because we have a gig on Friday evenings.  Saturday morning I had to attend LHM’s first cricket game from 7.15 AM!!!  I must say that cricket isn’t half as civilised as junior footy – at least there’s COFFEE at football!!! ( I will be much better prepared this week!) Anyway home from cricket at around lunchtime and straight into the painting!  We managed to tape and paint all the windows (we have multi-panes) and skirtings and architraves (primer and three coats of gloss white) and our feature wall which is “chocolate”.  It looked like chocolate in the can too – I was almost tempted to dunk a marshmallow in it!

Just the walls to go (antique white)  and neaten up the edges on the feature wall and then we can call the carpet guys in!  MOTH also put up some new light fittings to replace the yicky 70’s inspired floral ones that were there! 

I can’t wait for the new carpet.  The old carpet is around 15 years old, the underlay has deteriorated to the point that the black rubber is starting to make stains that just wont budge and it’s so thin that it feels like the carpet is laid directly onto the concrete!!  The new carpet is a 80-20 wool nylon mix (very hard-wearing) in a chocolate colour and we have red cushions on the bench seat and a gorgeous red rug! Just need to find blinds (romans), a new sofa at some point and I am going to treat myself to a RED stitching chair! (I think).

All in all everything is coming along nicely!

But…and it’s a big but…I hurt.  I hurt in places I never knew I had bits that could hurt AND I have a blister on my paintbrush hand.  My hands ache so much I couldn’t stitch on the train this morning and I am so tired that probably wouldn’t have been a good idea – I could envisage a lot of frogging.

Tonight it’s early to bed again because tomorrow is SAL night and I don’t want to miss out!

Here’s some piccies of the work we’ve done 🙂


This is what all our windows/architraves/skirtings look like BEFORE – it’s a yicky dirty looking lime-washed type wood – yucky! (apologies to those who have it – and like it – just I don’t!)


This is what they will all look like after – all nice and crisp and white.  You can see the pink walls that look even pinker now!


Here is the newlight fitting!  The white part of the fitting is supposed to be metal but we have to get the trimmed a little so they fit better on our bayonet fittings.  The old fitting was that brassy-looking plastic with etched plastic”glass” shades.  We had these in nearly every room (inherited from the previous owner).  I did take a picture but it’s not a good one.


 Here is Cara investigating the spill…I hope she has her toxic hazard boots on!  You can see how icky the carpet looks – I believe it was once green!


And just because they looked cute (as always) Banjo (bottom)  and Cara (top)  asleep on the bed.

I will post some pictures of the feature wall once the carpet is laid, etc!

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It’s been a glorious weekend but very busy.  I am back to work tomorrow after quite a long time off and I am both dreading and looking forward to it.  However, I have so much to do to be ready to get my 6.55 train in the morning!  Ugh!  I’ve decided my train piece will be Rosemarkie on the way to work and I will knit on the way home 🙂  I’ve almost finished my Irish Hiking scarf!

Last night LHM had a couple of mates over and they stayed up very late watching Japan being trounced by Australia at the world cup…who knows what time they went to sleep!  They were really good – not noisy at all.

I made excellent progress on Faith, Hope, Love and will post piccies later.

Wednesday’s An Open Heart progress was very minor – lots of frogs,  Those woven cross type motifs are very tricky – but I think I’ve finally got them!  Also there were frogs on Thursday when I realised that I had stitched the outside border of the needlepoint piece in the wrong place and had to tear it out and start it again…I’m almost done with that again now though.

Friday I started a gift.

Progress pics in one batch a little later 🙂  Sorry

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There has been knitting and stitching aplenty in the house this week.

LHM has learned to cross stitch and has started on a Workbasket Hedgehog in…wait for it…blue!  He has also re-learned his knitting skills and is working on a lovely scarf!

Grandma has knitted a footy scarf for LHM in gold and royal blue and has had a purple and pink striped one requested by the Little Princess.  This will happen today!

I am almost half-way through throw rug number two, but it’s now too big to carry on the train so I started something new.  While dragging my weary body through Spotlight the other day I threw a few balls of Cleckheaton wool in my shopping basket, picked up a free pattern and started to knit pattern number 37 from a great magazine called Knitting Essentials 


The magazine is free!  free!  free! and is available on the Spotlight website along with loads of free pattern goodness and we love that!

For my overseas viewers, Spotlight seems to be kind of like Michael’s or Joanne’s perhaps my overseas Aussie friends can confirm this.

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