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I did manage to finish Victoria’s Quaker in January – the 31st to be exact 🙂

Terrible photo but I will take another when she is framed 😉


A Mon Amie Pierre – Victoria’s Quaker
Stitched on Brown Apple Bint 32 Count linen in Needlepoint Inc Silk conversion

Started on 22 August 07 – Finished 31 January 08

And my progress on A Quaker Study:


Thanks you so much to everyone for your messages after the passing our gorgeous Puku – the family really appreciates it.  I am so very sad.  We are going to plant a red rose in her honour by our front door.

But to bring a smile – here is Banjo relaxing in my hammock today 🙂


He laid there in my hammock in the sun for hours today – we had to put sunscreen on his ears 🙂

For February’s finish I hope it will be the needlepoint piece I started oh so long ago 🙂


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Last time I looked it was November.

Now I wake up and my birthday and Christmas have passed and we are heading fast into a new year!

Good news – I got a great new job and I start 2nd January.  It’s still in the city though so the train trips are not finished for the time being.  It’s a much better job, more responsibility, more opportunity for growth and just a better atmosphere.  I will miss some of the people at my old job – that is always the way, but I am sure I will settle quickly into my new role.

I am managing to stitch quite a bit on the train so that is a bonus.  I managed to complete Lettres a mon Chat in time for it to be a Christmas gift.  I really enjoyed stitching this and I will stitch it again for myself.  I used 32 count Bay Rum evenweave (Silkweaver I think), NN 153 Razzle Dazzle Red and Black DMC.


In other stitchy news, I started Paradigm Lost.  I am using VC premium Silk in OMG Red on 34 count  Heritage Linen in Cafe au Lait – I am happy with this choice.  I did make a bit of a boo boo though – I started the stitching in the top left corner, but I had my fabric around the wrong way – I counted and measured and re-counted and re-measured though and I will have enough fabric this way around too!  Phew!

Victoria’s Quaker got a little stitching on Christmas Night (it was after all Tuesday)  I was hoping to get this finished this year but now I am pushing for a January 2008 completion – my first perhaps!

I also made a heap of jewelry for Christmas gifts but forgot photos – I will have to get some and post at a later date 🙂

cara-dec-25-07.jpg   cara-dec-25-07-2.jpg

The Kitties had a great Christmas too!

Cara fell in love with the tyres on the Little Princesses’ new bike! She rubbed herself against the rubber for a good half an hour I think.  I think she just liked the roughness of it!  Was very funny to watch here – she was enraptured with it!

Banjo (remember he is a teenage boy!) decided it was fun to try and unwrap what took me hours to wrap and also thought that the glass of milk left for Santa was just too much temptation!

 banjo-dec-25-07.jpg  banjo-dec-25-07-2.jpg

Both kitties were very well behaved around the tree and mostly spent a lot of time napping underneath it.  We didnt’ lose any ornaments at all. 

Puku also had a great Christmas and here is a pic of her enjoying one of her gifts 🙂   You can see that as it gets warmer down-under, she loses great chunks of the last of her winter fur.  We’re getting a large bag full of hair from her every couple of days when we brush her!  She doesn’t like it much!


Too everyone in blogland, I hope you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas day filled with love and laughter.  I also wish for everyone a tremendous 2008 that is filled with every joy you desire.

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You knocked?


Isn’t this the cutest picture of Banjo. 

He was trying to open the sliding door to the pergola this evening and MOTH just happened to have the camera out taking some pictures.  You think he would know all about OUTSIDE after his recent adventure…..but I guess he IS a boy!

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Banjo’s Grand Adventure


Last night, two very unusual things occurred:

  1. LHM put the bins out, and
  2. Banjo decided to explore the neighbourhood.

I stayed up late last night and when I went to go to bed, I searched high and low for Banjo but he was nowhere to be seen!  I even rattled the food box and nothing!

I looked in and under beds, in cupboards, wardrobes, in the pergola, walked up and down the street (in my very fluffy pink dressing gown and jammies) but no Banjo.  I was beside myself, so I woke MOTH who was sleeping soundly to help me and we searched some more. 

Finally, just as we had resigned ourselves that he was too far away to hear us calling, we heard a little cry from over the neighbour’s fence.  Lo and behold, our brave little boy had hopped the fence and couldn’t get back over.  It was a bit wild on the weather side last night – howling winds and all – our little man was terrified.  We managed to get him back over the  fence again and safely inside.

He’s VERY calm and is sticking to us like glue this morning.  Poor darling.

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Firstly, I finished afghan number 1 yesterday – fringe and all!  I will post a picture later!  Having my parents here and with them being old an all, (their words – not mine) means that the afghan has already had some use over laps in front of the telly!  Excellent – that is what it is for!

Secondly, news from the doctors was both good and bad.  Good – I don’t have anything sinister, bad is I have to go for some more of those yucky tests….I wont go into it here – but if anyone wants to know – just ask – am happy to email about it.

Thirdly, we decided to get Banjo (Some may believe that – others wont!!!)  some company!


Introducing “Champion Zwei Farbe Carra” isn’t she just the sweetest.  She’s off to be desexed this week (her owners are flooded in would you beleive) and she will join our little family after that!  We are very excited and it will be great for Banjo to have some company.  She is just gorgeous and we can’t wait!

Not much stitching done, although the Little Princess and I did make a start on her first project 🙂  We will post something when there is al ittle more to show.

Now if you wish to participate in the PIF phenomenom, please leave me a comment and email me your address, (ausxser at gmail dot com), the first five people to do so, will receive a little something from me sometime in the future – probably when you least expect it.  All you need to do is offer the same deal in your blog for five others 🙂  It’s lovely to receive unexpected mail surprises – we all know that – so lets spread the joy together!  Thanks Carol for encouraging me and a host of others by all the wonderful things you make and share.  You’re amazing!

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The party was a great success (I think – you never can tell).

6 little princesses arrived at home yesterday to celebrate the 8th birthday of MOTH’s DD.

After a last minute visit to Spotlight for a couple of extra beady goodies for the party bags, fashioning a princess hairdo and popping the obligatory Kylie CD in the player, The little princess – or Miss 8 as she will now be known on this blog – settled in to make jewelery with her friends.

the-table.jpg   little-princess.jpg   industrious.jpg

Each girl made a necklace and bracelet from the myriad of beads provided and much fun was had by all!


This is what Banjo thought of it all!  Although everyone fell in love with him – and one of the little princesses’ sister loved him so much – her parents called the breeders to get a Banjo of their own!

The actual birthday was Sunday and there was more merriment happening at No8 with the gathering of MOTH’s nearest and dearest for HIS birthday on Monday- was fun.  Thank goodness for the entertaining area complete with open fire as it is bitterly cold here in Melbourne at the moment!!

As I mentioned previously – I’ve not been able to stitch much – wonky eyes – but here is a picture of the knitting effort!  I’ve done quite a bit more since this was taken on Saturday!  It’s a lovely pattern – not too difficult and I don’t need to have the pattern in front of me – only 16 rows to it and 8 of those are the first 8 in reverse 🙂  As I’m not a knitter (really) it’s a pretty easy one for me to do!    Knitting this has also been keeping me warm too!  Did I mention that it’s been getting really cold down here in Melbourne?


Thanks for all your comments – I really appreciate them. 


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Banjo….the hunter

Banjo caught a mouse today – I dont know what was worse – the fact we actually HAD a mouse in the house, that he caught it – or that he brought it to us in the lounge room as a prize!

No pictures – too grossed out for words!

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