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I’m sooooo tired!

I am back at work finally, but gee I am really struggling with it – I’m so out of condition after almost 3 months away from my office.

I’ve only stitched on the weekend and my SAL piece but I’ve not taken pictures as yet – I will try later on in the week!

I’m also very behind on my blog reading – but I will catch up on the weekend….thanks for being patient 🙂  I’ll be visitng and leaving lots of comments soon! 

Have a good week!


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Here is last night’s progress on Victoria’s Quaker which I am stitching along with Carol and Karen.  (I started a little later!) 

I love all the little motifs on this one. I’m looking forward to the little dog near the stitcher’s knee next time 🙂

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Oh and I forgot to tell you

I also won an auction for the premiere issue of “Treasures in Needlework”  I have all five issues now – it was such a lovely magazine – what a shame it didn’t last long.

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Yesterday I returned to work after my prolonged sick leave!  After the hour-thirty on the train and the tram ride up St Kilda Road, I was exhausted by the time I got there!!! I stayed until 3.00 pm or so then left for the long trip home again. 

I did knit a little on the way to work – another 3 pattern repeats on my Irish Hiking Scarf but the train was too crowded to do anything on the way home…schoolkids!

Rosemarkie got a little attention on the way to work this morning and I think I can stitch on the way to work and knit on the way home – this should work!  Here is the small amount I have achieved since last time I posted a picture.  It should grow a bit faster now I am back to work!


Next is Saturday’s progress on Faith Hope Love!  This is moving along quite quickly!  I am really enjoying this one and it’s such a relaxing project to stitch in front of the telly or when the kids are around!


Unfortunately I didn’t stitch last night on the red piece – I was just too tired.   I was tucked up in my little bed very early last night!

Tonight is “Victoria’s Quaker” night and I am feeling not quite as tired as yesterday so I will be able to achieve a little this evening – this is an enjoyable project too 🙂

As an aside, I am slowly building my set of Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly – another two ebay issues arrived today and I think that I only have about 7 issues to go now to have the complete set. 

One of the issues I received today has the first part of a sampler I dearly want to do!  It’s Sharon Cohen’s Millenium cutwork sampler!  If you’re perhaps interested in doing a very leisurely stitch along on this project – leave me a comment!  I wont be able to start till the new year perhaps so you have a while to think about it.  I thought abotu writing to Sharon to see if she could provide a chart for the number 7 or 8 or 9 (depending on when I finish it LOL)..I’ll let you know how it goes!

Now, it’s off to spend some time with Victoria!

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It’s been a glorious weekend but very busy.  I am back to work tomorrow after quite a long time off and I am both dreading and looking forward to it.  However, I have so much to do to be ready to get my 6.55 train in the morning!  Ugh!  I’ve decided my train piece will be Rosemarkie on the way to work and I will knit on the way home 🙂  I’ve almost finished my Irish Hiking scarf!

Last night LHM had a couple of mates over and they stayed up very late watching Japan being trounced by Australia at the world cup…who knows what time they went to sleep!  They were really good – not noisy at all.

I made excellent progress on Faith, Hope, Love and will post piccies later.

Wednesday’s An Open Heart progress was very minor – lots of frogs,  Those woven cross type motifs are very tricky – but I think I’ve finally got them!  Also there were frogs on Thursday when I realised that I had stitched the outside border of the needlepoint piece in the wrong place and had to tear it out and start it again…I’m almost done with that again now though.

Friday I started a gift.

Progress pics in one batch a little later 🙂  Sorry

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Today is “An Open Heart” Day so there will be a progress picture of that one tomorrow.

Last week was a bit all over the show due to my hospital visit, however here are last week’s progress pictures.  I didn’t get to stitch on An Open Heart or the needlepoint piece last week.


Saturday is Faith Hope Love (the Workbasket) day.   


Monday is “M” Designs…that “W” is coming along nicely.


Victoria’s Quaker (A Mon Amie Pierre) after 3 Tuesdays.  This is such a fun stitch.  This shot shows the fabric colour quite well, but not the thread colours *sigh*


And because I’ve not posted a picture of Puku in ages….
here she is just begging for her belly to be rubbed 🙂

I’ve not started stitching today yet.  I had a lovely visit with Marg and Alison.  Alison bought some of the gorgeous mailart she has received and Marg showed off a gorgeous red and cream blanket that she has made as  a gift for a friend!  Marg is also close to finishing her French Alphabet Sampler too – it’s stunning!

Those keeping tabs on my knitting – I am just starting the third ball on my candle flame shawl… 🙂

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Checking in…

I’m here and feeling pretty good!  Back to work as early as next week – how great is that!

I’ve done a bit of stitching although not as much as I had hoped…small amounts of progress on Victoria’s Quaker, The M Designs piece, Faith, Hope and Love, and An Open Heart.  

I also finished a gift and MOTH will post that off a little later today.  I wasn’t entirely happy with the finishing and I hope its recipient will like it – her finishing is always perfect ;(

Pictures a little later.

Thanks so much for all your emails and wishes – I really appreciate them.  All those prayers and good thoughts have really helped!

I’ve been reading Suzi Quatro’s biography “Unzipped“.  It’s a great easy read and she’s an amazingly talented and down to earth woman!  I’m learning a  lot about her.

Carra is off to the vet this afternoon.  She’s just not herself and I want to get her checked out.  Personally I think she was taken away from her kittens too early and she’s a bit skitty because of it.  She has scratched a heap of fur from around her ear.  We’ve ruled out ear mite, and fleas, and been putting steroid ointment on the area, but it’s not healing.  I think she’s stressed poor darling!  She also has a sore eye!


Now, it’s Tuesday so it’s off to Victoria’s Quaker for me.  Karen and Carol – I’ll be sure to post a picture tomorrow 🙂

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